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3 συμβουλές για να απλοποιήσετε τα μηνύματα του περιεχομένου σας χρησιμοποιώντας τεχνικές minamal σχεδιασμού

After running across and reading this article regarding the benefits of white space and minimal design, I started thinking about how often I apply a similar minimalist approach to content messaging. Many of the principles of successful graphic design apply to copywriting as well and can make messaging more effective, engaging and easy to understand.

In design, the concept of white space in design is about as important as it gets. Crowded and cluttered visuals with no clear hierarchy or visual direction are a sure fire way to confuse, or worse lose, a viewer. Instead, give graphic elements room to “breathe” to simplify and increase the message resonance. In my opinion, the “more” in “less is more” usually means “more action”. A well-crafted, simple and minimal design with a clear purpose and call-to-action creates a stronger sales funnel and garners better results.

Here are just a few ways to apply minimal design techniques to your content messaging:


• Focus on what will best solve your customer’s pain points and drive action. Identify the strongest customer-centric message and lead with it. Support it with one or two relevant details and stop! As needed, link to additional information, videos, or downloadable assets. Short bursts of messaging via Facebook, Twitter and email can always link to longer format landing pages, websites and blog posts.

• Craft every message in the age-old storytelling approach of beginning, middle and end. This can result in simplified content with clear calls-to-action.


• Strip down content essentials to key messages and keep supporting details to the minimum needed to convey ideas. You will be pleasantly surprised how well your messages come across by removing the excess.

• Your audience is attacked by content 24/7! To keep your audience from darting to the next shiny webpage or app, keep their attention with short, sweet and well-crafted messages.

• Make sure all your messages are working together to enforce your key messaging. Cut anything that doesn’t support it directly.


• After you’re done with the above, take a fresh look and consider simplifying even further. Do you really need that third bullet point? Does two paragraphs between your headline and CTA instead of one confuse your sales funnel?

• Speak like a human. That means use conversational language, especially in the social arena. Think of it as the copywriting equivalent of dressing “business casual”. Sure, the suit looks great, but if your audience is in jeans and a t-shirt, you might be making them uncomfortable if your language isn’t equally as approachable.

Here’s some homework: print out this blog post and see how much you can eliminate and still get the point across. I’m guessing you end up the headline and numbers 1, 2 and 3.

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